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Monday, October 31, 2005

Daylight savings time snafu

Of course it was bound to happen. I got my times mixed up. So diligent in resetting the clocks at home, how could I forget to do the same at work? When 4:11 rolled around, I was on my way out the door, wishing my co-workers a good evening. I usually leave at 3:50, so I thought I was already running late. No one said anything and I happily made my way to the train for my 45 minute ride home. Nearing the end of the line, I wondered why the big clock at a nearby mall read 4:00 and I stupidly reasoned that the mall had set the time back two hours in error.

But as I pulled into the station, and caught the time on the nearby church clock, my stomach sank. Of course, the clocks weren't wrong. I was wrong. I had left work a good half hour before I was supposed to. And of course this had to happen after my supervisor warned our department in the last meeting about employees constantly leaving early (this wasn't directed at me, thank goodness). Also, thank goodness for cell phones; I called in and got a good chuckle from my supervisor's secretary.

This is about as bad as the time I came in on a Monday morning, forgetting that the office was closed for a holiday.

Uhm, I think I better take some time management courses. The way I'm going, I'll be late for my own funeral. Or early. Or miss it entirely. (Which might not be a bad thing.)

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