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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Yahoo has its own digital library plan

Surprisingly, or maybe not, Yahoo has plans of its own to digitize library books into a searchable database. The plan entails scanning 18,000 works of American literature as well as material from national and European archives.

How does Yahoo's plan differ from Google's Print Project? Well, Yahoo is sparing itself the legal woes threatening Google by simply allowing authors/publishers to opt-in to the project (as opposed to Google's opt-out plan). This allows the burden to remain on the copyright user, not the copyright owner. Also, many of the books slated are already in the public domain, so there will be no hassle in tracking down copyright owners in these cases.

The online collection will contain many American works including those by Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain and Henry James. Participating libraries include university libraries at Harvard, Stanford and Michigan.

Google: digital library, oodles of litigation. Yahoo: same project, no litigation. Score a point for Yahoo in the continuing Google vs. Yahoo match.

Per BBC News.

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