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Sunday, December 04, 2005

And my answer is no...

In addition to writing and blogging, I host the Short Stories section of Bella Online, a website featuring various subjects that are geared mostly to women. One of the duties I perform as host is writing essays and I have indicated in at least one of these essays that I write erotica; even so, I do not post these stories to the site, although I do include links to other erotica websites (nothing too extreme, mind you). Also, as a rule, I do not publish short stories by unknown writers (although I do publish some of my more tame fiction, because hey, I'm the host). Every now and then, I will also post public domain works of well-known short story authors when I can find them on the web.

Still, on occasion, I receive email from aspiring writers looking for exposure. I've stopped answering their queries because they should have noticed by now that I DO NOT publish unknown works. Queries are summarily deleted, but today my finger paused on the delete key as I read this latest query. I share it with you because...well, read it and see:

Dear Ms. Sharon Cullars,

I specialise in telling fantasy stories about women dressed in satin cloaks & clothes & their erotic adventures, in a fantasy setting.
(I'm thinking there's some fetishism going on here, but at least not too kinky...yet.) I am currently looking for interested online publishers on the web or magazines or newspapers to publish these items in return for paid remuneration. (Sweetie, even I don't get paid remuneration at this site.) Payments can be made to me via Paypal. I appreciate if you can give me advice as to where I may send my works in return for payment & publication.

1) I would like to propose sending my stories to you for publication in return for paid remuneration.
(Superfluity here) Apart from the usual erotic blend, my stories are also laced with a lot of humour, satire and romance. It does not involve nudity, & very little violence. Very tasteful & elegant. The female lead is always the heroine & incurs the reader's sympathy.

Themes explored include masturbation, molest, rape, sexual positions and a certain degree of violence outside sex. There is no violence in the sexual act itself.
(No violence in the sex act itself, and yet there's rape? How is that possible?)

In my country, I am paid US$300 for a 600 to 1000 word article.
(If I don't get paid, she definitely ain't getting paid - and $300! Please!) May I propose this as the same standard for remuneration? If it is not agreeable, can you please counter propose an offer ?

If you are paying a remuneration, you automatically are entitled to the copyrights of my piece of work, and I pledge not to use the work again elsewhere. I request that if you publish it, just put
(name removed for privacy reasons lest she claims defamation for reprinting her email here), and the e-mail address (email removed) and nothing else. You may also not put my name if you so wish. I do not mind as long as there is paid remuneration.

2) I would also like to propose sending in high quality pencil illustrations of women dressed in satin cloaks and other sexy clothes. They may be engaged in sexual acts, masturbation or being molested or raped. No nudity or violence.
(Again, since when is rape NOT violence? Maybe her country defines rape differently than the US. Even so, I DON'T want to see illustrations of rape acts or molestation, THANK YOU.) As I have no computer scanner, can I have a postal address with which to send my works to?

Pls get back to me via this e-mail if you are interested in my two proposals.

Needless to say, I am not responding to this email. The only reason I even took note of it was the sender's enthusiasm about acts that include "being molested or raped." I can't imagine what goes on in some folks heads. Unfortunately, this writer has given me a clue.

Again, I do write erotica. But I do not write nor do I encourage garbage, which I deem any eroticization of rape or molestation to be. Just call me a prude. Or at the least, a decent human being.

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