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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bizarre news archive

These items are courtesy of, a daily email newsletter I receive. Thought they were weird enough to share:

Times Herald, January 9, 1932
Dr. Evan O'Neill Kane performed an intestinal hernia on himself today while nurses and members of the medical profession looked on amazed.

Olean Evening Times, June 11, 1926
Roy Hinton Matthews, 19, of Newport News, Virginia, immediately fell in love with a 72-year-old woman when he met her at a funeral. Even though they are 53 years apart, he still decided to propose. The marriage was her third time down the aisle and his first.

Olean Evening Times, August 27, 1928
Sista Corona of Redlands, California, married David Corona at the age of 13 and had her first child by 14. At the age of 23, she had borne 13 children and would like to have more.

Syracuse Herald, March 20, 1936
George Morgan, 6, escaped from the attic where he was playing with his cat, Toots, when a fire suddenly started. Yet, he failed to mention the fire to his mother who was still in the house when the upper story and roof was set ablaze.

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