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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Being thankful

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I'm taking time out to list those things that I'm grateful for:

1) The continued health of family and friends
2) My own health, which isn't the best but could be a whole lot worse
3) The job I have now (I really feel for the 20,000+ GM employees just laid off before the holidays. That sucks big time.)
4) The peace and solitude I find in my own home; no drama, thank goodness
5) The appreciation of those who paved the way before me so my road isn't as rocky
6) The appreciation of good music
7) The appreciation of good books
8) The pleasure of writing
9) The hope within that one day I will be able to walk away from the job I have now and write full time
10) The hope that I will always write until I have no breath in me

I know, it's a small list, but I'm an uncomplicated person. Oh, yeah, one more thing: the continuous hope that all wars will end soon and leaders will act with reason and not partisan self-interest. But that may be one hope too many. Still, I'm thankful that I can hope.

What are you thankful for?

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