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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Miracle molars

The San Bernardino Sun reports on a miracle of sorts. It seems the Lord, known for turning water into wine, has now turned ordinary molars into gold. Or so says Pastor Larry Brown, shepherd of the Highland House of Prayer in San Bernardino. As reported by Pastor Brown, the miracle began with religious revivals that took place in October. At least 15 of the 70 in attendance started noticing that their teeth and fillings had an extra sparkle to them. Yep, their teeth had gone from enamel to gold. The pastor testified that even some of his fillings have turned to gold, and at least one reportedly turned to silver. He declared that the Lord was simply replacing the fillings, usually made of 50% mercury, with a safer metal.

Even so, this may be a boon for the parishioners of Highland House of Prayer, as the church has been raising funds for rebuilding. Now, they don't have to sell off any more of their wordly possessions. They can just go to their nearest dentists and have all that gold extracted.

Then they can celebrate by putting out vats of water and praying up some Bordeaux.

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