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Thursday, November 17, 2005

You mean there're no such things as UFOs?

So, the truth comes out at last and apparently Fox Mulder is wrong - at least about a governmental conspiracy to hide information on UFOs, that is. An affidavit filed by the National Security Agency (NSA) in a 1980 suit brought by citizens to force disclosure of governmental records on UFOs has now become declassified. It became available through the Freedom of Information Act and is posted at Many X-File buffs may be a bit disappointed though as the affidavit contains nothing substantial on UFOs, neither clarifying or disproving the enigma.

A majority of reports and records alluded to in the affidavit were produced between 1958 and 1979 and are basically nothing more than "the product of intercept operations directed against foreign government controlled communications systems within their territorial boundaries." Most of these intercept operations were conducted during the height of the Cold War.

Still, one intercepted message indicated "bright lights, luminous objects, and unidentified aircraft – along with an elongated ball of fire — scooting through the skies over non-U.S. countries." Sounds ved-dy interesting.

Despite the disappointing dearth of information contained within the affidavit, conspiracy hounds can still hold on to a sliver of hope. The 21-page affidavit makes plain that release of the documents alluded to in its pages would for whatever reason "seriously damage the ability of the United States to gather this vital intelligence information."

Hey, sounds like the government has something to hide after all. Mayhap, a couple of alien bodies hidden away in refrigeration at Area 57 near Roswell? Hey, just supposing here.

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