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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Latest Women's/Romance Publishing News

Gennita Low's SUPER SOLDIER SPY series, three books, to Tracy Farrell for Mira, in a good deal by Liz Trupin-Pulli at JET Literary Associates (world).

CJ Barry writing as Samantha Graves's HOT, a story about a female thief who recovers stolen artwork by any means possible and the ex-cop forced to team up with her to catch a killer, to Larissa Riviera-Gonzales at Warner, in a two-book deal, by Roberta Brown at the Brown Literary Agency.

Ellen Meister's THE SMART ONE, in which three sisters trying to shake their childhood labels of "the smart one," "the pretty one" and "the wild one," discover that there's no place like home (even after finding a dead body in an industrial drum beneath the house next door), again to Carrie Feron at Morrow, for publication in 2007, by Andrea Cirillo and Annelise Robey at the Jane Rotrosen Agency.

Carol Stephenson's two LEGAL WEAPONS books to Stacy Boyd at Silhouette Bombshells, in a nice deal, by Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency.

Tanya Michaels's MOTHERHOOD WITHOUT PAROLE, about a newly married career woman who suddenly finds herself the sole caretaker of two step-children when her husband is sentenced to six months at a Federal Prison Camp, to Jennifer Green for Harlequin Next, in a two book deal, by Pam Hopkins at Hopkins Literary Associates.

Richelle K. Mead's SUCCUBUS BLUES, about a modern-day succubus living in Seattle who prefers her normal life to the alluring, shape-shifting life of legend and myth, to John Scognamiglio at Kensington, in a pre-empt, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Kate McKean at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (world).

The Key
"nice deal" $1 - $49,000
"very nice deal" $50,000 - $99,000
"good deal" $100,000 - $250,000
"significant deal" $251,000 - $499,000
"major deal" $500,000 and up

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