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Friday, November 11, 2005

Interesting pick-up line

I was grocery shopping today and my cart was full (but not overflowing). Anyway, I was leaving an aisle when a disheveled looking man stopped and turned to me with an interesting proposition:

"Hey, want me to pay for your groceries? I got a link card." (Of course, I cut my eyes at him and rolled on. I think I'm worth a whole lot more than $108.62, my final tab.)

For those of you out of the know, link cards are distributed as part of the food stamp program. A large percentage of the grocery costs are picked up by the state, leaving only a nominal cost to the purchaser.

Wonder if the state anticipated that this commodity could be used as a way to pick up women. I haven't felt so privileged since the time an "elderly gentlemen" (translation: "old horny geezer") tried to entice me for a date by stating that he had just received his social security check. Again, wonder whether the federal government anticipated the full use of this benefit.

So reassuring to see taxpayers' dollars put to good use.

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