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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A smokescreen with wings

What do you do when your popularity is plummeting, key figures of your administration are facing indictment, your party is fractured with in-fighting and your image as Commander-in-Chief has taken a good trouncing? Why, you ready your country for a pandemic, of course. In this case, our ever intrepid president is rallying the medical community as well as the media to begin an offensive strike against the dreaded Avian Flu. Well, at least dreaded by Bush and Inc. Or so they say.

Mind you, the pandemic hasn’t happened yet. Actually, in the Asian countries where the outbreak has occured, there isn’t even an epidemic. But that doesn’t discourage our fearless leader any. He is at the ready, appearing on television, making speeches about how he is working with the medical community to make sure there is enough vaccine for the million or two; the rest of us will just have to bunker down and man up.

Never again will anyone be able to accuse the president of being unprepared for an emergency. Not like with September 11. Not like with Hurricane Katrina. Not like with Scooter and Rove.

Now, some of your more cynical folk might see all of this as a mere smokescreen to divert the country’s attention away from the mess that the administration finds itself in. Some might think that the president is reaching (and it’s a far reach) to make himself appear statesmenlike and caring, those attributes he was lauded with after September 11 and so summarily lost in the fiasco following Katrina.

Some might remember other occurrences with the Homeland Security alerts (you remember, all those color codes: red, orange, yellow, taupe, aubergine, fuschia…oh, but I digress) which seemed to conveniently coincide with some crises the White House was facing and didn’t want the country to dwell upon.

But for the faithful few (those 39% of you who still think Bush and Inc. are doing a good job), rest assured that those dreaded birdies will not undo our president. He’s ready for ‘em!

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