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Monday, December 05, 2005

Got a wonderful mention...

One of my editors at Kensington, Sulay Hernandez, gave me a wonderful mention in an interview she did with for their Chit Chat newsletter. Her praise set me to blushing. Here is what she said:

The process of finding and sharing new writers is absolutely thrilling. I was here for two weeks when I came across a manuscript called AGAIN by first-timer Sharon Cullars. She wrote a romance called AGAIN. Kate mentioned wanting a great multicultural romance for Brava. Brava titles are all over the place—contemporary, historical, paranormal, mysterious, or funny—but they all have strong romantic elements with a serious edge and intense sensuality. Sharon Cullars’ book was all that and more—a goody bag of genres—it was a contemporary and historical romance that incorporated mystery and paranormal components with breathtaking sensuality. It was incredible. As it turns out, Kate thought Sharon Cullars was perfect, too. We’re proud to say AGAIN is the first multicultural Brava! It will be out in May ’06. You can visit the author at

Thank you so much Sulay for those kind words.

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