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Friday, January 20, 2006

New Concepts - Harmony E-Books

Romantic Times's current issue has a write-up on the new e-book imprint, New Concepts, which features Harmony, a line of multiracial romances. Just shows that the times, they are a-changing. An imprint like this wouldn't have been considered just a few years ago, but publishers are gradually becoming aware that there is a sizeable market for these romances, given the increasing number of IR relationships and marriages.

Here is a peek at the guidelines for Harmony as presented on the New Concepts website:

"Authors should know that the Harmony™ line is all about romance and the harmonious blending of races and cultures. These are MULTI-RACIAL romances, not simply interracial romances, and race issues should NOT hang over the storyline like a dark thundercloud. The conflict, as with any other romance, should arise from the characters themselves and should be strong enough to carry the story, and yet resolvable. Bringing together racists is not resolvable conflict within the confines of a book and therefore not desirable as the primary conflict of the story. The hero and heroine can be of the same race, or of two different races. The main difference between the romances written for the Harmony line and other romances is that Harmony will bring color and intriguing cultures together so that readers of many backgrounds and races will have characters to fall in love with and identify with. Authors should keep in mind when they sit down to develop a storyline for Harmony that, regardless of race, creed, color, or religious background, women are women, the world over, all searching for that special someone to love who will give them love and passion in return."

I like the RT cover; it's quite striking. Although I do wonder about the sista with the blue contacts - so 80s.

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