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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My other projects

I have a couple of short stories featured in two anthologies this year. The first story, entitled "Just a Little, Just Enough," is included in Masques V (Gauntlet Press), the last book of a much acclaimed series due out this spring. Unfortunately editor Jerry Williamson passed away this past December, but not before compiling stories from some very great horror writers including Clive Barker, Gary Braunbeck, Poppy Z. Brite, Ray Garton, Richard Matheson, Tom Piccirilli and a host of other talented writers. The lettered edition will also include a short story by Ray Bradbury. I feel honored to be on the list (although with a misspelled name (Cullers); still I'm in there, so I ain't complaining.) Order information is at Gauntlet's website.

The other story, "Miss Lilia," is included with stories from a group of writers at the Absolutewrite forum who felt compelled to do something for the victims of Katrina and compiled an anthology of short stories, essays and poems called Stories of Strength. Edited by writer Jenna Glatzer, the anthology features writers from all over the world and includes stories from sci-fi author Orson Scott Card and actor/blogger Wil Wheaton. The goal of this project is to raise $5,000, all of which will go to victims of Hurricane Katrina. So far, we've reached $3,000 as of December. If you would like to contribute (and read some great stories, too), order information is at the website.

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