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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Again available for pre-order

As a new author (who hopes to become a bestselling author) I would be remiss if I didn't let you all know that Again can now be pre-ordered through Amazon and Booksamillion. Here is the back cover blurb:

In this breathtakingly sexy novel, Sharon Cullars invites you into two worlds—modern Chicago and 1879 New York—and into the lives of two lovers whose unforgettable passion transcends time. But will their attraction bring an undying love…or set in motion a harrowing destiny?


The minute Chicago journalist Tyne Jensen spots the man with the sexy green eyes at her sister’s wedding, she is haunted by the feeling that their meeting is more than chance. There is something familiar about David Carvelli, something that makes her remember another man’s hands caressing her, his warm mouth igniting a fire along the sweep of her neck, his voice a deep growl in her ear—I’ll never let you go…we’re going to be together forever…

David Carvelli can’t explain his reaction to Tyne. Sure, she’s a beautiful, intelligent woman with a great smile and skin like cinnamon silk. But there’s something more. He isn’t just intrigued by Tyne; he’s drawn to her—just like the woman in his dreams. A woman he desires and pleasures and loves more than reason…a woman in grave danger whom he must protect…possibly even from himself…

Caught up in a white-hot affair neither can resist or understand, Tyne and David have one chance to get it right, to uncover the secrets and sins of the past…before they are doomed to repeat them…

"Chilling, mysterious, and endlessly sensual." Shannon McKenna, bestselling author of Out of Control and Return to Me.

Read an excerpt.

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