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Friday, January 06, 2006

Kick a man when he's down...

...and, of course, say it's God's will. Pat Robertson is forever chewing on his shoe leather as he jams that busy foot into his overworked mouth. This time the controversial reverend has suggested on his show that Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine retribution from God because of Sharon's dividing the state of Israel. Even Bush had to step back from Robertson this time, disavowing the remarks.

Could it be Mr. Robertson (I'll refrain from addressing him as reverend until he shows some true Christianity) that Mr. Sharon's stroke is not so much a sign from God but rather an indication of age and bad health? Judging from pictures, Mr. Sharon isn't exactly in the best shape and is overweight, which can lead to hardening of arteries, stymied blood flow, increased blood pressure... but then again, in Robertson's mind, God anticipated Sharon's move decades ago and started his retribution by causing Sharon to overeat, underexercise... probably even gave him bad family genes. Hey, maybe God started his retribution at Sharon's conception.

Oh, give me that ole time religion when reverends spoke their idiocies only from the pulpits and didn't have televised shows in which to spread their stupid suppositions.

VOA News

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