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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last post of 2005

The end of a year is always time for reminisce and reflection. On a personal level, there have been lows but also some tremendous highs. These never seemed to cancel each other out, though, but they allowed me to realize that life and happiness are fleeting, and are to be enjoyed as fully as possible.

On the bigger picture, there have been much loss and frustration. I, for one, will miss the New Orleans of the past; even if they rebuild, the wonderful city will never be the same - and maybe that will be for the better. The war proceeds as it has in previous years, but now more eyes are focused on the orchestrators - and again, this is for the better. Maybe intense scrutiny of agendas will give rise to more protests to bring our soldiers home.

As always, a new year brings a hope for better days. May those days come to fruition and may death, sickness, war, famine, hatred take a year-long hiatus. Yeah, I know, a pipe dream. Or maybe just a prayer.

Here's wishing all of you a happy new year. I'll see you there.

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