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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Romance Graphic Novels

Guess I had a good idea, after all. I'd previously entertained the thought about writing a romantic graphic novel, but only half-heartedly. It seemed to me to be a marketable idea; after all, pictures can accentuate the eroticism of a love scene much more than mere text alone (the danger being that getting too graphic would abut the boundaries of pornography). Now it appears my idea isn't a new one after all. Harlequin is publishing romance manga through Dark Horse Comics under the banner Harlequin Ginger Blossom, which will include two color-coded lines. The more sensual manga will be presented under the Harlequin Violet title and will be penned by Harlequin writer Penny Jordan. The Harlequin Pink title will present pure romance only (no erotica).

To me, the above cover doesn't exactly translate the kind of hotness you expect with erotic romance. Since Harlequin has moved away from the sugary sweetness of their earlier plots with their Blaze imprint and Japanese hentai manga doesn't exactly shy away from sexual themes, I would have expected something racier for the covers. Still, this is a new venture and I suppose both Harlequin and Dark Horse want to test the waters before delving in deeper. I'm sure they fear turning off their audience with depictions that are too "blatant."

Still, the manga I envision definitely would be darker. No pastel covers, no innocuous clenches, something that would make a potential buyer want to open the cover and see what more is offered.

Since the first titles became available in early December, the industry is in a wait-and-see mode; only sales will measure the "hotness" of this interesting "marriage."

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