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Friday, December 09, 2005

Como esta ustedes?

Hablo poco espanol, but it seems the little I know would get me in trouble if I were a student at the Endeavor Alternative School in Kansas City. The school has implemented an "English Only" policy that covers every area of its campus, including the boy's bathroom. Unfortunately for Zach Rubio, answering his friend's query for money (spoken in Spanish outside a bathroom stall) with a "No problemo" got him a one-and-a-half day suspension. The principal defends her action by saying that Rubio had been warned before about not speaking Spanish on school premises. Even though this may seem extreme, Endeavor isn't the only school that has banned foreign languages on its campus. But it has made the news due to Rubio's suspension.

The incident has gained some controversy from Spanish advocacy groups who believe these "english only" edicts are a xenophobic backlash to the surge in immigration. Although the advocacy groups agree that learning English is important, Janet Murguia, national president of La Raza, states: "A fully bilingual young man like Zach Rubio should be considered an asset to the community."

As for me, it's been 20-odd years since my high school Spanish classes and the most I remember with ease is, "Me llamo Sharon." At least I think that's right. Gotta take some more classes.

Per MSNBC News.

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