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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wish I were a Googler...

Google spares no expense when rolling out the perks for its employees. According to Broadsheet, employees receive the following amenities:

"Meals of all kinds, painstakingly prepared by company chefs, are free at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., a modern corporate campus known as the Googleplex. Other amenities there include children's day care, doctors, dry cleaning, laundry, a gym, and basketball and volleyball courts. Maternity or paternity leave is 12 weeks at 75 percent of full pay. There is also up to $500 available for takeout meals for the entire family after a newborn arrives, courtesy of Google. Shuttle buses (with wireless Internet access for working while commuting) ferry employees to the Googleplex from throughout the Bay area." And perhaps most important to Google's engineers is the fact that they can spend 20 percent of their time pursuing "their own ideas instead of company assignments."

With perks like these, who wants to go home? Then again, maybe that's the idea.

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