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Monday, December 19, 2005

Latest Women's/Romance Publishing News

per Publishers Lunch


YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS author Laurie Graff's THE SHIKSA SYNDROME, a Larry David-esque tale of a Jewish woman who learns to impersonate non-Jewish women in order to attract Jewish men, to Selina McLemore at Red Dress Ink, in a good deal, by Irene Goodman at Irene Goodman Agency.

Kristy Kiernan's CATCHING GENIUS, a novel of sisters -- one a math prodigy and the other delightfully normal -- and the rivalries and tensions that continue to haunt their adult years, originally to Leona Nevler at Berkley, with Jackie Cantor editing, by Anne Hawkins at John Hawkins & Associates.

Janice Maynard's FORBIDDEN FANTASY, an anthology about three Charleston friends who decide to celebrate the year leading up to their thirtieth birthdays by acting on a deep-seated, hidden fantasy, to Rose Hilliard at NAL, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, by Emily Sylvan Kim at Prospect Agency (NA).

Cassie Miles's next three books in her SAFEHOUSE series, to Patience Smith at Harlequin Intrigue, in a nice deal, by Deidre Knight at The Knight Agency (world).

Author of The Me I Used To Be Jennifer Archer's MY PERFECTLY IMPERFECT LIFE, in which a woman reunites with her long-lost, hard-living sister to track down the owner of a 42-double-D bra found in her husband's pocket, to Gail Chasan at Harlequin Next, by Jenny Bent at Trident Media Group.

Nancy Pinard's BUTTERFLY SOUP, the tale of a family struggling to keep its secrets, to Ann Leslie Tuttle at Harlequin Next, for publication in August 2006, in a nice deal, by Liz Trupin-Pulli at JET Literary Associates (world).

Sherrill Bodine's RECIPE FOR GOSSIP, about a forty-something recently deposed Page6-esque columnist who turns her demotion to recipe writer a career comeback and finds love with a CEO along the way, to Larissa Rivera-Gonzalez at Warner, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, by Danielle Egan-Miller at Browne & Miller Literary Associates.

The Key
"nice deal" $1 - $49,000
"very nice deal" $50,000 - $99,000
"good deal" $100,000 - $250,000
"significant deal" $251,000 - $499,000
"major deal" $500,000 and up

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