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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yeah right, I wish!

This system has to be faulty. Found this link over at author Kimberly Kay Terry's blog and had to try it out. It's supposedly a new face recognition system featured at where you can upload your photo and have it matched against a celebrity database to see which celebrities you most resemble. It's purportedly based on algorithms taken from the scan of your face and matched with the algorithms of celebrity faces. Y'all won't believe who came up on my matches. Here are the top five pics and the percentage of similarity (based on the photo featured in my profile):

Sharon Tate - 68%

Natalie Wood - 58%

Beyonce Knowles - 54%

Sean Astin - 52%

Julie Christie - 52%

Again, I believe something screwy is going on with that system, because ain't no way I resemble these women. Although I wish that were the case; life might have been a little easier.

But it's really spooky how this system seemed to pick up on my deepest secret wish to look like Sean Astin.

My full results are here.

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