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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Song of the Moment - "Cry Together"

I was just listening to the O'Jays classic, "Cry Together," and really digging on the lyrics and the way the ballad presented a true, mature relationship, not like the harping and dramatics of today's lyrics where children playing grown-ups rag on one another about who's cheating and who's dogging who as though this is the only face of a "relationship." The song put me in mind of something I heard Steve Harvey comment on in the fabulous Original Kings of Comedy. He lamented the state of today's music, especially the violence and overt sexuality, and nostagically recalled the music from the 70s (my era y'all) when men sang about how they loved a woman and not just what they wanted to do to her. There weren't the everpresent "bitch" and "ho" which seems to be the only way certain young men see women nowadays. So with these lyrics below, I harken back to a more mellow, loving time in music when men seemed to really appreciate their women:

Intro (spoken)
You know, me and my woman
We’ve been goin’ through a lot of changes for about six months or so
It’s been real hard to talk to one another
You know a relationship ain’t nothin’ without communication
How we were laying in the bed
The both of us lookin’ at the ceiling overhead
Eyes wide open, about 3 in the mornin’
I said, “Baby, we can’t go on this way”
She said, “You’re right”
I said, “I know you love me and I love you”
Then we start holding each other
I felt a tear roll down my face

Last night me and my woman
We cried, cried together
Said we cried {Cry}, cried {Cry}, cried {Cry}
We cried together (Oh...oh...oh...)

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with you, no
There ain’t nothin’ wrong with me, uh-uh

We’re not the only people in the world
Who go through ups and downs
All we have to do is talk
We can work it out

Oh...oh...let me kiss your eyes
Let me wipe your tears away
Let me hold you tight
Tomorrow we’ll feel better ‘cause it’s a brand new day

Oh, last night me and my woman
We cried together
Said we cried {Cry}, cried {Cry}, cried {Cry}, cried
We cried together (Oh...oh...oh...)

Now we had times when we laughed hearty
We’d even go out on the town and we’d party, party, party

Every day the sun doesn’t shine
Sometimes it has to rain
Just like we enjoy the pleasure
We have to stand the pain

Oh, let me kiss your eyes
Let me wipe the tears away
Oh, let me hold you tight
Let’s talk to each other, I wanna hear what you got to say

Oh...last night, sweet last night me and my woman
We cried together
Said we cried {Cry}, cried {Cry}, cried {Cry}
We cried together, together
And then we and then we and then we and then we made love [Love, love]

Love like we never made love before
You know we started huggin’ each other
And kissin’ {Cry, cry together} and I wiped the tears from my face
And there was love all over the place {Cry, cry together}
Said we cried {Cry, cry together}
There’s nothin’ wrong with you {Cry, cry together}
And there ain’t nothin’ wrong with me {Cry, cry together}
We’re not the only people in the world who go through ups and downs
And changes and turn arounds....

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