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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Contest winners announced

I've announced the two winners of my contest for signed advance copies of Again. Check my Contest page for the names. Overall, there were nearly 50 entries from within the states and abroad. Although I shouldn't be amazed, I always am at how far-reaching the internet is.

Recently, there have been some postings about giveaways on other authors' blogs, specifically whether it is worth the postage to send out giveaways to foreign countries where an author's books may not be carried in the stores. Author Brenda Coulter believes there's no return on investment by way of postage and time while Sheila Viehl believes it's discrimination against loyal fans.

Personally, I feel honored that anyone wants to read my works so I'm grateful for the chance to increase my fanbase. Notwithstanding Brenda Coulter's legitimate arguments regarding authors' barebone budgets, I feel that if one of my winners had been from another country, I would have chosen to eat the extra shipping cost simply because goodwill is immeasurable and is so easily lost for so few dollars.

Even now the debate rages on and is becoming somewhat incendiary.

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