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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Revisiting MyHeritage

Last year (or maybe 2005), I found this site, MyHeritage, which features a facial recognition program that allows you to upload a photo of yourself and see which celebrities you resemble the most (at least according to whatever algorithm the site has set up). The results are tiered by percentages based on the strongest resemblance. Coming in at 73% my first time was Sharon Tate and my re-test shows the same results, including Natalie Wood (60%), Beyonce (54%) and Alyssa Milano (54%). Some new faces include Rosario Dawson (62%), Jennifer Beals (58%), and Patricia Velasquez (58%). The only two males I look like are Jukka Nevalainen (58%) and Dirk Nowitzki (55%); never heard of either one of them.

I had almost forgotten about this site until I spotted a MySpace page which featured a collage of the celebrity results. The site now lets you collage up to 4 celebrities from your results list. In the future, the site plans a face morphing feature which looks way cool.

Check out my collage. And you know I just had to include Beyonce even though I don't look a thing like her (or any of these lovely women). Basically, I look like my mother.


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