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Friday, January 05, 2007


Here's a wonderful way to start off the New Year. Some irresponsible poster has pulled my name into an argument he is having with another poster named Sharon regarding the latest news on Duke. For my long-time readers, you know I posted vehemently about the scandal last spring on this blog as well as several others, but I never stooped to incivility and name-calling. As the story developed, and more and more disturbing information came out about the accuser, I stepped back from my soapbox, not sure who was telling the truth or whether the young woman in question was disassociating from reality. On another blog, I even lambasted Nifong for his incompetence.

Now there is a heated and nasty debate going on at Dvorak Uncensored (the discussion has since been removed) and someone who dubs himself a Nice Guy has called me out as being his nemesis. Only problem is, I didn't even know about this blog or the conversation. I just happened to google my name at Blog Search looking for any comments regarding my books. Imagine my surprise when I read the following posts:

Sharon Cullars

Are you going to act as irresponsible now that people know your full name?

If you want to have an adult conversation about the false rape claim at Duke, then lets do it, but I'm tired of you trying to halt conversation on the topic just because you now realize a rape never occurred.

Comment by Nice Guy - 1/4/2007 @ 4:06 pm

I'm calling you out Sharon Cullars and I'm not wanting to hear from your many imaginary friends that completely irrodes your credibility as a "budding journalist". I'm calling you out. Just the facts. Not your made up stories of racism or sexism. I'm talking strickly about Crystal Gale Mangum's false claim of rape aided by the criminal misconduct of DA MIke Nifong.

It's your reputation on the line and I'm tired of being nice.

Comment by Nice Guy - 1/4/2007 @ 4:12 pm

Let me take this moment to contradict myself and be less than civil: Nice Guy is an idiot. He obviously googled and found my postings from last year and assumed I was the troll on this board. With that faulty logic, he's slurred my name and I had to join the fray to defend myself with the following comment:

Imagine googling your name and finding yourself in the midst of a conversation you didn't know was going on. I am not the aforementioned Sharon and have not blogged about Duke since last spring. It is irresponsible for a poster to slur someone's name base on an assumption. I have too much going on in RL to be trolling boards; if you google or check any and every comment I have ever contributed on the subject of Duke, I have never called derogatory names and have always maintained a level of civility. Also, I have never hidden behind anonymity (and who is this Nice Guy?) b/c I want people to know where I stand.

Between dealing with my mother's diminished health and a loss of a job, trust me, I don't have time to be trolling boards. But now, folks are going to assume the troll is me because of this idiot. (as the discussion has been removed since my first posting, thankfully this is no longer the case.) What a beginning to a new year.

PS Nice Guy: The "budding journalist" (from a review by Booklist at Amazon) happens to be Tyne Jensen, a character from my book, not me. Idiot. (I know, uncivil).

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