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Friday, December 22, 2006

Thanks Gary!

Author Gary Braunbeck included AGAIN on his Best Books of 2006 list. I'm so stoked because Gary is a phenomenal writer. His short story, "We Now Pause for Station Identification" was recently optioned to be made into a short film by Adelstein Productions, one of the producers of Fox's Prison Break (by the way, Wentworth Miller is yummm; have thought so since first seeing him in Buffy's "Go Fish" ep). Anyway, the film will make the film festival circuit and hopefully bring Gary many kudos.

Here's what Gary says about AGAIN:

"If you're one of these folks who have avoided reading so-called "Paranormal Romance" novels because you think all they are is bodice-rippers with ghosts, no single book could more prove you wrong than Cullars's luminous, eloquent debut novel. Reading like a collaboration between Toni Morrison and Jack Finney, Again announces the arrival of a fresh, distinct voice, telling a story that is romantic, sensual (in the dictionary sense of the word), frightening, genuinely erotic, heartbreaking and, ultimately, life-affirming, with a final line that is pitch-perfect -- as is the rest of this lovely, heartfelt, deeply affecting novel."

Thanks Gary. Right back atcha for all of your eloquent and moving stories.


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