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Monday, February 19, 2007


Per Publishers Lunch

Author of SECRET SOCIETY GIRL and the upcoming UNDER THE ROSE Diana Peterfreund's next two books in the series, following an Ivy League senior's spring break on her society's private island, and her final challenges in tapping a new class of knights, graduating from college, and maybe even falling in love, again to Kerri Buckley at Bantam Dell, by Deidre Knight at The Knight Agency (NA).

Elizabeth Bevarly, Wendy Warren, Kristin Gabriel, Joanne Rock, Barbara Dunlop, Kathleen O'Reilly, Maggie Price, Ken Casper, Jenna Mills, Loreth Anne White, Margot Early, and Bethany Campbell's twelve novels in a new contemporary romance series set against the backdrop of the Kentucky horseracing community, to Marsha Zinberg and Stacy Boyd at Harlequin, in nice deals for Bevarly, by Steven Axelrod at The Axelrod Agency; Warren by Laura Blake Peterson at Curtis Brown; Dunlop by Evan Fogelman at Fogelman, Underwood, Perkins & Ralston; O'Reilly by Kim Whalen at Trident Media Group; Price by Pam Hopkins at Hopkins Literary Associates; and Mills by Roberta Brown at the Roberta Brown Literary Agency.

Cathryn Fox and Sylvia Day's SPELLBOUND I: MAGIC AND MAYHEM, two intertwined contemporary paranormal novellas about a fantasy lover spell gone awry, again to Lucia Macro at Harper, in a nice deal, by Bob Diforio at D4EO Literary Agency for Fox, and by Pamela Harty at The Knight Agency for Day (world).

Jane Tara's debut FORECAST, about a psychic weatherwoman who lives with her other-worldly mom and grandmom and falls in love with the very down-to-earth weatherman she's replacing, to Leah Hultenschmidt at Dorchester, for publication in November 2007, by Ken Atchity at AEI Literary Management (NA).

Kerry Reichs' debut THE BEST DAY OF SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE, following one woman through a year and a half of weddings and changes, looking at friendships, relationships, and family bonds, and at growing up and sometimes growing apart, to Carrie Feron at Avon, by Lisa Grubka at the William Morris Agency (NA).

Jodie Dittman writing as Jo Davis's debut romantic suspense series, centered around the A-shift firefighters of Station Five, to Tracy Bernstein at NAL, in a three-book deal, by Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency (world).

Debby Mayne's IF THE DRESS FITS, about a bridal shop owner who faces challenges of the heart when a businessman makes an offer she can't refuse - but must, to JoAnne Simmons at Barbour, in a nice deal, by Tamela Hancock Murray of Hartline Literary Agency.

Maura Hamilton's debut SHADES OF PASSION, a paranormal historical romance with Gothic overtones, and an untitled historical romance, to Ellen Edwards at NAL, by Evan Marshall at the Evan Marshall Agency (world).

GIRL'S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT and GIRL'S GUIDE TO SORCERY author Mindy Klasky's MAGIC AND THE MODERN GIRL, the third in the trio; and two in the paranormal chick-lit series, SISTERHOOD OF THE LAMP, to Mary-Theresa Hussey of Red Dress Ink, by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates.

Author of The Cinderella Pact, Sarah Strohmeyer's three more updated fairy tales for women, again to Trena Keating at Dutton, with Julie Doughty editing, by Heather Schroder at ICM.

The Key
"nice deal" $1 - $49,000
"very nice deal" $50,000 - $99,000
"good deal" $100,000 - $250,000
"significant deal" $251,000 - $499,000
"major deal" $500,000 and up

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