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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hey, hey!

Just found out that The Romantic Times has given The Object of Love four stars. The page is here, although I don't have a subscription and don't have access to the full review. When I do, I'll update this post.

Update: My editor, Hilary Sares, emailed me the text of the review as well as the text for Bad Boys with Roses. Here they are:

The Object of Love:
"The spellbinding story of love and deception spans a lifetime and spills over into the ever-after. Readers will be spooked by the ghost, haunted by his past, and uncertain about his future. Sympathy pours out for the grieving mother who works through in a most erotic way. Cullars' new romance moves solidly forward from the unexpected opening hook to the happily ever after."

SUMMARY: Unable to forgive himself for his past sins, Calvin Burnham can't cross over when he dies. As his mother, Lucy (sic; s/b Lacey), and his ex-best friend, Sean, grow close, Calvin's rage strengthens within him until he is able to reach the living world. Resentment and rejection fuel his desire to destroy Sean and keep his own secrets safe, but will it be at the expense of his soul? --Jennifer Madsen, RT, four stars (HOT)

Bad Boys with Red Roses:
This anthology has a trio of love stories in which three couples overcome relationships gone awry and take hold of their second chances. Denison starts the book with a sexy, swift-moving story of reunited high school sweethearts, and Donahue keeps the pace with sexual tension. But it's Cullars who really shines by adding a touch of danger and a paranormal presence.

SUMMARY: (for "The Invitation") Jeralyn has almost no memory of her life before her parents died, but when a blast from her past surfaces and tells her she's in grave danger, she must decide who to trust in Cullars' gripping "The Invitation." --Jennifer Madsen RT, three stars

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