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Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is good for a snicker or two

Found this at requesting a "ghost writer" for a "Black Middle Class Novel:"

Serious Ghost Writer Needed
Ghost Writer needed to do a Black Middle Class novel. Frankly stated, the writer must be able to write in the voice of an African American female. Your race dosen't matter, but your skill sets do! You must be a reader of Black Fiction.

Writer must have a degree in Creative Writing or a degree of equal concentration. Black Middle Class novel chapters 1-16 must be rewritten ( this is not copy editing) and the last 8 chapters need to be written. GW will have an outline for the last 8 chapters. The GW will also have to rewrite the 1st 1-12 chapters of Black Middle Class Drama. Writer must understand what it means to be a GW and have a good attitude. GW Must be able to do task quickly and efficiently. Turn around time for this project is 2 months! Writer must be able to meet one day out of 7-9 days with author to go over what has been done and to talk about what needs to be added or changed...

...Ghost Writer must sign a confidentiality agreement, complete a W-9 form, produce a valid driver license, social security card (which will be copied), and their references and educational experience will be checked.

* Compensation: $4,000.00-8,500.00

I totally love the equal opportunity presented here for some unwitting writer, no matter what color, to be bamboozled.

Personally, I think ghost writing is only okay when you're helping some notable somebody without skills pen their memoirs and definitely for a whole lot more compensation than being offered here. I think it's totally scammy to have someone else write your fiction for you. It's akin to people offering "a great story idea; all you have to do is write it."

Writing fiction is hard, sometimes fruitless, work. And even if you can't get rich writing, at least you should have the satisfaction of attaching your own name to something you've written and not have someone else claim your words. Hopefully, no one fell for this pathetic scam.


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