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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I wish this ad was a joke

Found an ad for freelance articles at Craigslist and is it me, or is the ad just offensive? I know the articles are for a luxury magazine, but when did money allow for such dickheadedness? Check some of the articles they want:

Where to take your wife or mistress: Secluded spots only we know about

Managing your hired help, what to accept and when to give the diamond studded boot

Spas: Where the poor won't bother you

Philanthropy guide: Great Causes, or great Tax breaks; our list of where you shuld(sic) be involved

Now let's see: they want an article promoting infidelity as well as suggestions on how to kick out the (probably illegal) help, and oh, let's do it with flair in "diamond studded boots." And why should you rich folk be bothered with "the poor?" - you know, those folk not as fortunate as yourself and actually have the gall to be in your breathing space. But if you do want to help these same poor folk, why not go for a twofer? - make sure you get those great tax breaks.

You know someone does need a kick in the ass with diamond studded boots - the clueless editor of this "luxury magazine." May there be roaches in your champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

PS: You'd think an editor would know how to proofread.


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