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Friday, May 18, 2007

Sex toys for Christians

Woohoo! Now God-fearing couples have their own website where they can buy their after-dark goodies! It's called My Beloved's Garden, and it offers everything from marital advice, lingerie to - yeah, you guessed it - sex toys! (also called marital aids so apparently they're not for you fornicators; see previous sex toy post). Said marital implements include romance games, oils and lubes, vibrating bullets (oooh, sounds so piercing), massage and g-spot vibes, and lo and behold, a glass phallus (uhm, looks a little unyielding; don't know how much fun that'd be).

Here's the welcome on the site's home page:

Yes, I see Jesus amidst all those toys and goodies. Like I said before, even Christians need their fun. BTW, someone needs to tell them how irritating text is on an orange background.

Pilfered from Feministe

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