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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Simply amazing - Willard Wigen, microartist

Growing up with dyslexia, Willard Wigen said teachers often made him feel small and worthless. Well, he decided to show the world what small really is. Wigen is an amazing microartist who literally makes sculptures smaller than the eye of a needle. To create his tiny work, he uses odd materials like dust motes, sprinkles of sugar and even the hair from a fly's back. The works are positioned in needle eyes or atop pin heads. This feat entails not only talent, but the skills of an engineer.

Wigen's works depict various figures including Peter Pan and his retinue, King Henry V and his six wives, Rodin's "The Thinker," and even Lady Liberty. He's even recreated the match between Cassius Clay (Ali) and Sonny Liston (about the size of a match head).

Wigen was recently commissioned to replicate the famous Lloyds Building; it sits on the head of a pin and will be auctioned off by Lloyds on July 24. The David Lloyd Gallery will be exhibiting his other pieces at the prestigious Birmingham Mailbox. Following that, the exhibit will tour throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

By the way, Lloyd paid Wigen a whopping 11.2 million pounds for his collection.

Not bad for a man who can't read or write and who was made to feel smaller than the eye of a needle. He has a website at Check out some of his work below.


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