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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The new Brotherhood of the Dagger

Author Gwyneth Bolton and romance blogger Karen Scott have posted on the Bitch magazine article about the proliferation of sheikhs in romance novels during a time when we're at war with Iraq. The conversation then turned to the exoticizing (or more like caucasianization) of Arabs, Native Americans and Latins - and why the fantasies never include African-Americans or even blacks from other countries. Eventually, the topic of J. R. Ward's Brotherhood came up.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Ms. Ward has created a race of colossal vampire heroes called the Brotherhood of the Dagger. The interesting thing about the brotherhood is that they are very urban - they speak street, dress like bad azzes and have some of the strangest names: Wrath, Rhage, Zhadist, Phury, Vishous, Tohrment (u get the idea how important that "h" is). Anyway, for all their urban lingo and mannerisms, all of the vampires are white. And the question was posed by Karen whether Ward's large readership would have been attracted to these characters had they been Af-American. Some of the commentors said it would have made no difference, so for a lark, I'm re-constituting "the brothers" as brothas. Below is the new roll-call:

The Brothas:

Wrath: the pureblood leader (and blind as a bat)

Rhage: the strongest (and most gorgeous)

Zhadist: the most lethal

Phury: the loyal one

Vishous: the most intelligent

Tohrment: the steady, calm one (OK, just kidding, but doesn't 50 Cent looked tormented to you?)

Doesn't this line-up make more sense (except the last, of course)?

Brothas you just want to sink your teeth into (except the last, of course).

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