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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Meet Elayne Janus

I finally gave in and joined Second Life, mainly for a possible freelance assignment. I have to report on the happenings in the online world, so I went ahead and created an avatar (pictured left). Elayne Janus is sassy, fun and having a ball (whenever the daggone game isn't crashing around her). The one thing I've found in this game as with my other alters from Entropia and Runescape is the level of aggressive flirting from the male players, something to discuss here on a later post.

As with Entropia, the money earned here can be transferred into the real world, which is why the IRS is scrutinizing these transfers closely. Also, avatars can own land and earn thousands of dollars through rents and leases. Profitable businesses have been created by citizens and real-life businesses like Cisco, IBM, Toyota as well as news services like Reuters have taken the plunge and joined SL. Authors Dean Koontz and George R. R. Martin have given virtual readings while musicians have performed live concerts; if these types of events provide successful returns, SLers can expect more of the same. Singer, Suzanne Vega, performed last August. (This SL Showcase shows the creation of her customized online guitar. Pretty neat.)

And even Jay-Z has been to SL along as a guest of avatar Jimmy Kimmel.

As for me, so far, all I've done is have fun dancing and shopping. Although SL provides other particular recreations that are even more popular. This particular world takes cybersex to a new level. On some of the islands are sex clubs where people can literally hook up. We're talking animated porn here. And there are sex workers now who perform for money - money that can be translated into real world currency. The sex life of Second Lifers has caught the attention of national publications like InformationWeek.

People have also found true romance on these sites and have married in real life as well as thrown virtual weddings.

Since ordinary citizens can do their own thing and run their own contests, I am seriously thinking about doing a book reading.

I tell you, virtual life is becoming a profitable fantasy. The one thing that really stings, though, is how much better-looking my avatars are than I am. Doesn't seem fair.

Below is a snippet from Vega's concert featured on YouTube:


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