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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good news for Julie Amero

I first posted about Norwich middle school teacher Julie Amero in February after she was convicted to forty years for supposedly exposing her seventh grade class to pornography. Although it was Amero's students who accessed a non-porn site on which a spyware virus began popping up nude pictures, Amero was prosecuted as though she had deliberately brought up the porn. The prosecutor, David Smith, put on an "expert" from the sheriff's office who testified that the exposure had to be deliberate.

Thankfully, computer experts from around the country rallied on behalf of Amero, and finally convinced a judge that spyware was the culprit, not Ms. Amero. The judge threw out the sentence and ordered a new trial after citing that the state's expert had provided erroneous information about the classroom computer. Smith, facing ridicule, now states that the state will take no position on Amero's new trial, making it likely that Amero will not have to go through a second trial. Hallelulah for common sense.

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