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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm black and a woman, so where does that leave me?

This dichotomy is proving cumbersome to the presidential candidates, who seem to believe loyalty should be declared by one's melanin or ovaries. Which puts me in mind of a book I read over twenty years ago, When and Where I Enter by Paula Giddings, which examined the lives of black woman in a society that only takes into account the perspectives of black males and white females.

Never had this race-gender schism been more obvious than in this rancorous campaign season where we're told to be loyal to Obama because we're Af-Am and yet to back Clinton because we pee sitting down. I have issues tied to both camps and issues both camps don't even touch on. In the end, neither speaks to me as a black woman. The silence is deafening as it was during the Imus fiasco when those asked to speak on our behalf were black men and white women, about an issue that totally affected black women. Don't we have a voice?

Gina over at "What About Our Daughters" waxes eloquently about this dilemma of black women being questioned about racial and gender loyalties. There doesn't seem to be a palatable answer to this problem. Maybe we need another Shirley Chisolm.

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