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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Seems Google Street View has caught up with me...

Last year, when I blogged about the advent of Google's new feature, Street View, I wondered whether it would be a convenience or an invasion of privacy. I even joked about being caught in the window wearing nothing but my robe. But back then, when I typed in my address, I got nothing, so I assumed Street View's focus would capture just the main arteries, and I had nothing to worry about since I live on a side street. USA Today even featured a quote from me in their article.

Well, today I discovered that Street View has expanded widely, and yes, even my little brown Georgian is featured. Thankfully, the zoom doesn't appear to go past my sheer drapes. Yet you can see my front yard, which is looking a little ragged right now since I can't seem to locate my landscaping crew. Anyway, why don't y'all type in your addresses, see if you can see your homes - and see how much you can zoom into your windows. You should know if anyone else can see through your curtains.

Street View may be a good feature...but then again, you really don't want a stalker to know the lay of the land around your house - that is, if he or she has an address to begin with.


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