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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Of Helium and pinched nerves

Been away working on freelance projects and recently signed up with Helium, an article repository where you write on any subject, post, and wait for someone to purchase your article. That could take forever, and you do earn money for views, but cents at a time. That's why I basically just do the Marketplace where publishers post the projects they want and what they are willing to pay. Between that and a journalism contest for OneWorld (a Helium associate and affiliate of Yahoo!News), I've made about $300. Not spectacular, but helps out with the bills. The article I wrote on Fair Trade for the OneWorld contest got published at Yahoo!News and

Did I say I did all of this with an excruciating pinched nerve running my lower neck, shoulder and upper right arm? Still looking for a solution for the pain (muscle relaxants and Motrin don't work for me). May have to get some therapy or the services of a chiropractor (on a very limited budget). Meanwhile, I'm learning to adjust, although I probably will be cutting back even further on my blogging. Sorry.


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