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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Uhm, no thank you...

An interesting Google ad came up during my search for the Comcast commercial where a woman remarries her ex-husband rather than give up her Comcast triple service. On the side bar of the results page, I noticed an ad for claiming: "Find Ex Husbands at Great Prices."

You know I had to see what they were offering, so I hit the link. Very interesting. One of the sponsors is Get Your Ex Husband Back, which claims "Instant Relief From Break Up Pain & Fastest Plan To Get Your Ex Back." Listed among the "best deals" is an ex-husband voodoo doll with the tagline, "Whenever you feel your ex-husband needs to be punished, use one..." And then there's the decal offered at Ebay: Cowgirl Peeing On Ex Husband, Horses Decal (image unavailable, of course). Can I just say, "eewww..."

Just have to say you never know what's going to come up during a Google search.


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