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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Voter suppression

So the dirty tricks are in full force as the GOP finds "legal" ways to tamp down voter registration in majority Democratic areas. The latest case is the dirty antics going on in Michigan, where James Carabelli, chairman of the Republican Party of Macomb County outside Detroit, is trying to carry out a plan to keep homeowners in foreclosure from voting. Obviously, in Carabelli's warped (and possibly racist) mind, most of the foreclosing homeowners must be minorities or Democrats, so let's just take away their Constitutional rights willy nilly and give the GOP a boost at the polls. Never the damn mind that most of these foreclosures are because of the banking deregulation the GOP mainly pushed through the barriers. So, where's the justice esp. where the McCains of the world have more than one house and middle-class folk are just trying to hold on to their one?

Thankfully, the Democratic party has filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of three Michigan homeowners in foreclosure. You better know I'm checking on my own pre-foreclosure status here in Illinois and I would recommend anyone facing foreclosure, whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent (b/c this should be a multi-partisan concern), do the same to avoid being unpleasantly surprised at the polls. This is especially true if you live in a swing state such as Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

GOP dirty tricks is nothing new. They ballyhoo about possible voter fraud, even though voter fraud is a rare occurrence. But they like to rack up the fear that legitimate ballots are being compromised by fraudulent votes - and isn't it always coincidental that this "fraud" is perpetrated in minority communities. Most of the insiders know that the rallying cry against "voter fraud" is actually a smokescreen for the GOP to orchestrate ways to suppress votes by non-Republicans.

Think I'm lying? Former GOP operative, Allen Raymond, says it used to be his job to suppress voter registration and that his efforts were pretty systemic. He served prison time in 2002 for his Republican phone jamming scheme. He has since written a book entitled How to Rig an Election: Confessions by a Republican Operative which details his years rising up the Republican ranks by smearing opponents and engineering other underhanded maneuvers.

People, you need to educate yourselves and protect your votes, esp. if you're a Democrat, a minority, a legal immigrant or someone else the GOP deems an "enemy." Check with your state voting board to make sure you are fully registered. And if you're not, please register. We cannot survive another four years of trickle-down, unregulated, voodoo economics.


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