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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Obama effect on a personal level

Obama's presidency seems to have inspired some black men to "straighten up and fly right." On last weekend's edition of The Chris Matthews Show, NPR journalist Michelle Norris noted that young men in large cities are doffing their street personas, which sometimes entails changing hair styles.

Although some may chaff at the "mainstreaming," it's encouraging that at least some young men finally realize their career opportunities lie beyond mere entertainment and sports. A black man will soon reside in the White House with his lovely family, and for a lot of young people, this has allowed them to see past their cultural myopia, to get serious about their own futures.

Below is the relevant excerpt from the show:


MATTHEWS: Welcome back.

Michele, tell me something I don't know.

Ms. NORRIS: You know we talk about change following this election on a big level...but, I've been traveling after the election in Chicago, Pennsylvania, here in Washington, D.C., and I've noticed something. It's change that a lot of men, black men, are talking about in their personal lives. Talking about joining the military, talking about going back to school. A barbershop (sic) where he said he's had a dozen people talk about coming in and cutting off their dreads, not that there's anything wrong with dreads but they want to go back to school or join the military, and they can't wear dreads in that case.

It's interesting when we talk about change, we don't necessarily get to that change on a personal level, and there are a number of people...who feel connected to the White House, who feel connected to the country in a different way....


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