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Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Category - The Underappreciated

Every so often, I will post vids of those entertainers whom I think are un- or underappreciated, not so much by their audiences but by the major studios whose myopia presents a tunnel vision of what good music is. Not taking from Ms. Beyonce, but being overhyped also detracts from a gem. She's got it going on, but so do a lot of other artists who are not receiving their due.

So for the first of my series, here is a singer/songwriter who has a phenomenal voice as well as repetoire. Versatile in verse and fluid in vocalization, Rahsaahn Patterson has written songs for a number of artists, including Brandy and Tevin Campbell, and has done some fine collaborations with the likes of Jimmy Sommers and Ledisi. Here is his "Feels Good" which is silky, silky soulful, something that is rare in music nowadays.


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