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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vampires - the new bad boys in town

Sarah Haskins of has an entertaining and often bitingly droll way of breaking down the idiocies aimed at women and girls. This time around, she tries to determine just what women (or girls, in this case) see in the brooding, stalkerish Edward Cullen of Twilight infamy. Is it the bad boy allure or his eternal devotion that has millions of readers ready to offer their necks...and much, much more? Note, I have not seen the movie nor read any of the series by Stephenie Meyer, but I'm always curious as to why a mania arises. Right now, everything is vampires, whether it's Twilight for the younger set or Trueblood for those of us in the over-the-hill demographic. And yes, I admit to enjoying Trueblood, although none of the vamps really do it for me. I like the much alive Sam and the over-the-top Lafayette (although not as a love interest; we'd fight over the nail polish).

Unfortunately, the "bad boy" image (this time vis a vis an eternally young, eternally beautiful vampire who seems very controlling) is romanticized in books and movies, brainwashing young women and girls into believing that excitement is only offered through unhealthy relationships. So, is it surprising then that we witness the fallout of these relationships on shows like Maury Povich or Tyra Banks?

To be honest, I always thought Robert Pattinson was kind of cute ever since his turn as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But if I ever encountered a dead man walking, no matter how attractive, you can bet you would see a live woman running...and screaming. I ain't no fool.


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