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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Tale of Two Perspectives

One of assholery:

Two Black Role Models Done in by Hubris

One of asskickery (translation: kicks ass):

Two White Role Modes Done in by Hubris.

Poll: What does Obama and Tiger Woods have in common other than some tangential racial connection? Let's see, one is the President and the other is a golf pro. Their roles overlap how?

Lisa Solod Warren connects two very different men, conflating mistakes and disappointments attributable to both men simply because of their race, conveniently forgetting that ALL DAMN HUMAN BEINGS FUCK UP, but it seems that only minorities are called to task based on their percentages of melanin. Basically, to summarize Warren's misguided and assholery point of view: both Obama and Woods are no longer a "credit to their race," disappointing all us black folk who held them up as "role models." Oh lordy, what is we gonna do without our role models? Why the whole black race is gonna slide down to purgatory. I love it when others tell us who our role models should be.

So let's call this bullshit what it is: racism trying to cloak itself as concern. Big ass fail, Ms. Warren.


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