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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sexual Attraction

Desire that is subtle and langorous can stir the blood, surge the juices, and palpitate the heart. Despite the millions of love scenes written or filmed, only a miniscule few truly relay the sensuousness that makes one squirm in one's seat. Too many writers and producers simply go for the obvious, concentrating on the gratuituous grabbing and kissing instead of the actual build up. True sensuousness shouldn't seem like a sudden crashing boulder, but instead should mimic the tossing of a pebble, then another, then another, until the pebbles come raining down with the crescendo of a rock shower.

There is something about simmering desire, necessarily stemmed because of propriety, but threatening to burst through every pore...something about a prolonged look, the pursing or licking of lips, the movement of a shoulder...pebbles, pebbles.

This 2004 clip of John and Evangeline from One Life to Live shows a steady tossing of pebbles. The scene depicts the nascent buildup that was to become the famed Jovan, and was the first sprinkling of the rock shower that was to rain on for over a year. Even now, I miss the love scenes that played out between these two characters.

I read in an online interview somewhere that when these characters were finally allowed to come together in a love scene, it took even the film crew by surprise. The intensity, the pure...sensuousness...was something that these jaded employees were not use to. And we're talking about people who had staged and filmed hundreds, if not thousands, of love scenes. Credit goes to Michael Easton and especially Renee Goldsberry - who had amazing sexual chemistry with all of her OLTL leading men - for depicting how desire can start with smooth subtlety then gradually build to a rock storm, a phenomenon not as abrupt and clumsy as a crashing boulder, but just as strong in its undeniable presence.


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