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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Virtual Choir

In the Buffy episode entitled "I Robot", a murderous computer demon runs rampant, utilizing the Internet to spread mayhem. In one scene, one of the demon's mesmerized teen acolytes boldly pronounces that the only reality is virtual and that if one isn't "jacked in" one isn't alive. This ep aired in the mid 90s when Internet networking was just gathering steam. Notwithstanding the sheer craziness of the statement, it has proven to be somewhat predictive. With all of the social networking available via the web - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and 3D venues such as Second Life - more and more people are "jacked in" for a substantial portion of their day, and a measurable part their reality has become "virtual." With the gaining momentum of newer and newer technology, it is only a matter of time before we derive tactile sensations from our online connections. Can you imagine making love via wires and chips and electrobes, or whatever creates the Internet.

Anyway, we haven't exactly arrived there yet (despite some very graphic interaction on Second Life), but we have come to the point where surfers from around the country, from around the world, can interact in a concerted effort via the Web. Take for example this vid I grabbed from Trashy Books. Composer Eric Whitacre sent out a call for choir members via the Internet and rounded up 185 singers from 12 countries to perform his original and haunting composition Lux Aurumque. He sent out the sheet music with arranged parts for each singer. He then spliced together their Youtube vids to create a virtual visual choir. The result is absolutely amazing and I'm not ashamed to say it moved me to tears. Read more about the project at Mashable.

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