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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Note to a fanfic reader

It seems there's a particular tumblr blogger who's taken exception to my writing style in my BH fanfic, so much so that she's given me my own tag so that she can visit here and post passages from my writing to snicker at. (I know ending with a preposition; bad form). I think of all the things she's written about my writing the one that gets me the most is the accusation that I abused a thesaurus. Well, sweetie, I don't consult a thesaurus; I tend to know big words, use metaphors and similes, sometimes the occasional gerund. That's just my writing style.

And if you'd be so good as to explain to me the Mill and Boon references; some of us here on this side of the pond really don't know too much about those types of books. Are they like Barbara Cartland (who I admire for her business acumen if not her actual stories)? This is an earnest request; I'd really like to know.

Also, noted your own fanfic. Find it interesting.

I especially like the warning to your readers: "This is why you should never write fanfic under your own name." Well, I tend to write under my own name because I'm not ashamed of what I write.

Take care sweetie.

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