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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Traffic was up today

This is the last I'm going to post on this little controversy. A few weeks back, I posted about a tumbler blogger who criticized my R/L stories based on two actors from Being Human (BBC version; still trying to get into the American version). The stories began as a lark on a fan site with no intent to do any harm. I also warned anyone who didn't like R/L stories not to read them. They were just a lark. As I previously noted, the blogger posted passages for the sole purpose of snickering at them. Today I see a surge of visits to my blog (to answer her question, that's how I originally discovered the original posting). She has since come back to this blog and posted another entry to tell me that I'm not a good sport. Well, I don't mind criticism since I've received much worse in the five years I've written. I simply took offense at the assumption that I used a thesaurus and that I shouldn't write under my own name. I will always stand by my writing. And yes I use metaphors and fragments; that's simply my style. Now if I use a run-on, please check me because this is a def no-no.

I do agree with her that I should not have used the term "sweetie"; it is offensive and for that I apologize b/c I don't like it when someone calls me that. I also apologize for taking a dig at her writing; her fanfic is better than the stuff I usually read. As for the Irish invasion metaphor; I like that term. Tongue in cheek or basically dick in *****; again metaphors since there's only so many ways a person can write about an insertion.

As for the poster, feel free to keep posting. At least you didn't call for me to be sued as another tumblr writer did. And I still like the idea of Lenora and Aidan as a couple and this is the only way I can get them together.

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