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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If You Like "Happily Ever After" Stories...

...then you're probably not going to like my novels very much. Beginning with my first traditionally published novel, Again, I have basically strayed from the romantic trope of the hero and heroine walking off into the sunset in matrimonial bliss. I haven't featured endings with weddings and babies...and probably won't (not to say never though). In many of my stories, that particular denouement wouldn't be realistic. I know that romance is all about fantasy, but I tend to err toward realism...or at least an ending that would make sense considering all that preceded it.

For example, in Again, the protagonists have been through a hellish reincarnation episode where their past lives literally threatened their present lives. How do you come back from that? Very slowly. There's no rushing to the altar when things still need to be settled. Yes, I could have written another fifty to a hundred pages to show the aftermath, but it wouldn't have served the plot.

In my release from last year, Snatched, the story takes place over a two- to three-day period. Hardly enough time for the hero and heroine to declare love, but enough time (and adventure) to realize that there is maybe something there worth pursuing.

In my current release, A Battle Raging, again there is no happily ever after. The couple is left with the realistic threat of a military prosecution. Instead of presenting pages of a tribunal proceeding, and the possible repercussions that will befall the hero and those who served alongside him, I left the story open-ended with a ray of hope that the protagonists were heading in the right direction. And with the understanding that they had at least found each other...and that's always a good start.

Whether you like my stories or not, believe I do my best to tell a good story and am still learning with each book I write.

You can find most of my works and excerpts of each at

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