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Friday, August 24, 2012

Snatched chosen as a Top Pick

Review site A Night Owl Reviews has chosen Snatched as a Top Pick. Yea! Below is a snatch (pun intended) of the review:

"Snatched is the first book in a (hopefully) long series. I am a huge fan of Sharon Cullars and did not even read the synopsis of this story because Ms. Cullars has proven herself to be an author who always writes superb erotic romances. Snatched is another successful notch in her belt; it is an excellent blend of white knuckle suspense and red hot romance. Eric is an undercover police officer deeply embedded within the Demons, a motorcycle gang with ties to drugs and other illegal activities, at every turn it looks as if his cover is almost blown but he always narrowly escapes being detected. When he has to kidnap the reluctant victim, Nailah, after having the most unconventional first meeting, things go from bad to worse at the flick of a wrist. It is now up to Eric and Nailah to come to some weary truce in order for him to take down the gang and keep them both alive. Ms. Cullars writes another fantastic erotic romance."

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